March 26, 2006

Notes from the 3/26/06 Spector Club Comic Show

Today's show was slow, and not as many people as we'd hoped. The weather was beautiful outside, and apaprently everyone wanted to be out in it as they sure didn't come to the comic show. We were also short on dealers with at least 4-5 tables sitting empty!

I was able to snatch up a few books here and there. Here's some of what I bought:

For the Goodfellow Collection: Atom and Hawkman #41, Flash #179

Indian Warriors #8 - A goldie western with an L.B.Cole cover!

DC Whitman Variants - Brave and the Bold #150,153,154,155,156

Grimjack #1,14,26 - A wink, wink, nod, nod to Trumie!

Strange Adventures #191 - What the hell, it was like $.75.

Wonder Woman #209 - A bondage cover, and again, it was $.75.

Thanks to all the dealers that hooked me up!

So, how about some more pics?

The Doormen...

Tony G's table

Two Big Geeks (Me (left) & Eric Meyer (right))

Thanks for taking the pic, Mike!

I also snapped a few from the collection of David Schmidt and Main Street Music. He had some beautiful silver and golden age books there.

Action Comics #282

All-Star Comics #27

All-Star Comics #31

All-Winners Comics #10

Amazing Spider-Man #50

Batman #119

Lars of Mars #10

Mystery Tales #1

Superman #30

Thanks again Dave for letting me poke thru your books!

For those of you who don't see yourselves pictured here, come find me next time! Show me what you bought, show me what you don't want to buy, and show me what you can't afford. Same goes for all of you dealers too. We love to see all the stuff we can't afford!

Until next time...

Posted 9 years, 4 months ago on March 26, 2006
By James Jobe
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